Monday, January 7, 2008

Can we all just say "Awww!"

Here's a new way to pick a president. Forget the issues, just look at which candidate seems most comfortable holding a squirming infant. Babies and politicians, what could be more American?

Darren Garnick, a freelance writer and independent filmmaker from New Hampshire, puts the candidates to the test. He set out to get a picture of almost every every presidential candidate holding his adorable baby daughter, Dahlia. (And he was pretty successful. Fred Thompson, who apparently hasn't spent much time in the Granite State, is the lone holdout).

Garnick writes that had two ground rules: 1. No actual kissing. No Democrat or Republican is putting saliva on Baby Dahlia. 2. No pictures with former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel. He's way too creepy.

At, you can see the results, and read Garnick's very funny commentary.

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