Thursday, January 10, 2008

One more piece of the rock

I was happy to read that one of my favorite series, 30 Rock, is coming back with a fresh episode tonight. Unfortunately, my joy will be shortlived. It's the last show in the can before the writers' strike shut down production.

Here's how the New York Post describes the plot:

Jack (Alec Baldwin) and his new girlfriend, C.C. (Edie Falco), trying to make their long-distance relationship work, all while Jack negotiates a megadeal with a German cable conglomerate.

Liz (Tina Fey), meanwhile, invests in real estate, but first has to deal with the angst-ridden experience of appearing before a co-op board to lobby for an apartment she really wants.

Behind-the-scenes, the always peppy Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) gets hooked on caffeine (he calls it "the devil's temperature") from the cappuccino machine Tracy (Tracy Morgan) buys for his show staffers.

As I've said before, I think 30 Rock is even funnier this year than it was in its first season. The cast seems to find themselves in even more outrageous situations, the writing seems witter, the satire sharper.

Despite winning an Emmy for best comedy last season, 30 Rock has struggled with low ratings. I really think show hit its stride in the fall, and it would be a shame if this week's episode was the last one in a strike-shortened season.


SarahB said...

Hallelujah for 30 Rock. Last year I saw Tracy filming a scene in midtown. No more writers strike!

Esther said...

Oh wow, it must have been great to see Tracy filming!

I was at Rockefeller Center taking the NBC tour on the first day of the strike, and I saw the picketers across the street. Unfortunately, I didn't walk over to see if anyone famous was out there. I learned later that Tina Fey was walking the line at one point!