Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Desperate for a musical?

I know that eventually just about every book, movie and television program gets made into a Broadway musical - or at least someone talks about doing it. But this one I have a hard time picturing.

Actor Kyle MacLachlan tells the British radio station Heart that series creator Marc Cherry has been dropping hits on the set about a Desperate Housewives musical.

"Marc has said that when he finishes his seven years at ABC, he plans to go to Broadway and move into the musical world so maybe he does have some designs in that way," says MacLachlan, who plays Orson Hodge, the husband of Marcia Cross' character Bree on the hit series.

When asked whether he'd be involved, MacLachlan responds, "You never know. It could happen. Never say never, right? There is more chance of that than seeing me in a Twin Peaks musical."

Sorry, I just don't see this. While Cherry has created some very funny situations and interesting, quirky characters, I just can't see them breaking into song.


SarahB said...

Marc Cherry is a Sondheimite. Almost every episode title is named after a Sondheim song or title. Not that this makes tune in. But still. I gotta give the guy props for emulating The Master, after a fashion anyway.

Esther said...

Sarah, I had no idea about Marc Cherry's Sondheim connection! Thank-you. You are truly an incredible source of musical-theater knowledge!