Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Web gem

When I was scouring the Internet 18 months ago looking for information about A Moon for the Misbegotten, Steve on Broadway was the first theater blog I found. I knew right away he was pretty special, so I'm thrilled that Graydon Royce, who covers theater for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, has picked Steve on Broadway as a Web Gem.

Here's what Royce has to say about SOB:

"His name is Steve Loucks, and he lists his location as United States, but we all know him by his Internet nom de plume. SOB is a terrific theater compendium of critical capsules, expanded commentary, background and news (lots of sources reported London's Olivier winners; Loucks listed all the nominees with his post). He's also unselfish enough to steer us to a number of other blogs and theater news sites. His chatty and intelligent style - terribly well informed - draws great contributions."

Terrific, unselfish, chatty, intelligent, terribly well informed. It sounds like SOB to me! Steve, if it weren't for your encouragement and support, I wouldn't be writing a blog today. And now that I've been at it for a few months, I know how time-consuming it is for you to assemble those critics capsules. You do a great job.

Steve is a pretty modest person and I know he doesn't like to toot his own horn. But since he's so generous at giving shoutouts his fellow bloggers, I hope he won't mind if I do the same for him. Congratulations to Steve on Broadway on some very well-deserved recognition!


Aaron Riccio said...

Indeed. Congrats on the well-earned mention.

Alicia said...

Steve is deeply deserving of this honor. I only know him through the blogosphere but I can say that I find his theatrical contributions astute and informed. While perusing his critical capsules and getting reviews of a very diverse theatre portfolio, we also see a little Steve peek through. And that is what makes his blog truly special.

Bully for you, ya SOB! :)