Monday, August 8, 2011

Summing up my 2010-2011 theatre season: Keep the shouting to a minimum

I finally managed to post the last review of my 2010-2011 theatre season - a month after the show closed but who's counting.

So, just a few observations:
  • I made progress toward my goal of seeing a show in every Broadway house, adding the Ambassador, the Cort and the Golden to my list. Only four to go! The Golden is cute - 805 seats and because there's only a center aisle in the orchestra, it reminded me of a high school auditorium.
  • I saw all five Tony nominees for best featured actress in a play and four out of five for best actor in a play. My vote would have gone to Joe Mantello in The Normal Heart, no question about it. And as much as I loved Ellen Barkin in The Normal Heart, there's something about Judith Light in Lombardi that I found so compelling. I wish they could have tied.
  • Once again, some of my most memorable experiences took place in small off-Broadway houses. I saw my first shows at Playwrights Horizons (home of the most comfortable theatre seats ever) and the Signature Theatre. Signature, I'm looking forward to seeing your new home and seat-wise, the bar has been set high.
  • Speaking of Playwrights Horizons, at intermission of The Shaggs, almost everyone in my row left. It was me and a couple guys on the end for Act II. The rock 'n' roll score was too loud for some people, I guess. But we were in the second row, so I'm sure the actors noticed. I wonder how they felt?
  • Maybe it's because I had such great hopes for Catch Me If You Can and I ended up being so disappointed but I'm getting wary of movies being turned into musicals. I'm no longer going to salivate like Pavlov's dog when I hear that a popular film is being adapted for the stage.


JK said...

I love your wrap up! Especially your comment about Judith Light. A brilliant performance of grace, dignity and nuance. The perfect counterpart to co-star, Dan Lauria. In his defense, though, he was doing a pretty fair immitation of Vince Lombardi, who was all bluster all the time, even at home. (It drove his son away...)

You need to see a show at the Little Shubert. The BEST theatre and theatre seats in Manhattan, bar none. And it is just three doors down from Playwrights Horizons!


Esther said...

Thanks, Jeff!

Yeah, good point about Lauria - I guess that pretty much was Lombardi in real life!

There was so much to Judith Light's character. I really wish the play had been about Mrs. Lombardi. She just seemed more interesting.

I saw the Little Shubert when I went to Playwrights Horizons but I haven't been inside. I'll put it on my list now that I know the seats are so comfy!