Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fashion and other statements

Okay, it's morning in America and as a nation, we still have all of the challenges we had yesterday. But before the glow of yesterday's history-making inauguration wears off, permit me to make a couple more observations:

There's a great story in The New York Times about the interracial, interethnic and interfaith families of Barack and Michelle Robinson Obama. It's quite a mix! This line made me smile:

"Now the Obama-Robinson family’s move to the White House seems like a symbolic end point for the once-firm idea that people of different backgrounds should not date, marry or bear children."

And in a break from all the attention being focused on First Lady Michelle Obama's gown, President Obama, wearing "a white bow tie with a single-vent, notch-collar tuxedo and an American flag pinned to its lapel," looked mighty fine, too.

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