Friday, November 23, 2007

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is in Israel for a few days promoting his new film, "Bee Movie." Or, as the Israeli news site Ynet put it, "Member of the tribe Jerry Seinfeld is visiting Israel again."

Today, he had lunch with President Shimon Peres at the president's residence in Jerusalem. (Beat ya to it Jerry. I was there 10 years ago, although I didn't get invited to lunch). Seinfeld explained the plot of the movie and gave Peres an explanation of computer animation. Peres told Seinfeld that the comedian has a huge following in Israel.

This is Seinfeld's second trip to Israel. He first visited in 1971, as a 17-year-old volunteer at Kibbutz Sa'ar in the western Galilee, not far from the border with Lebanon. He's supposed to make a return trip to see the family that hosted him there.

Coincidentally, I missed the final episode of "Seinfeld" because I was in Israel when it aired on May 14, 1998. If I rush out this weekend and buy Season 9, I can watch the final episode while Jerry's in Israel. That would bring things full circle. Perhaps it's karma.

Speaking of full circle, now that all nine seasons of Seinfeld have been released on DVD, Sony has packaged them in one complete set that includes a book on the series and an hourlong bonus disc with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, talking about the show, themselves, and specific episodes.

Since I've already bought the previous eight seasons separately, it doesn't make sense for me to buy the complete set, which sells for $205.99 at According to Gord Lacey at, there aren't any plans to make the book or bonus disc available separately. It's disappointing, because I'd really like to have them.

I know this happens all the time with movies, where they put out a bare-bones DVD, then add a special edition or super special edition or premium edition sometime later. And it happens with tv shows, once the entire series is released on DVD. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

"Seinfeld" is one of my favorite tv shows, and it's the first series where I'll have every episode. I almost feel like I'm being penalized for being a fan, for rushing to buy each season as it came out.

It just seems particularly annoying and unfair. Who's going to want the complete set anyway but die-hard fans of the series. And we've already bought each season separately. So what are we supposed to do if we want those cool extras? C'mon Jerry, be a mensch.

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