Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who's up for a game of tag?

Okay, I'm a little late with this, but thanks to Sarah and Dorian for tagging me. I'm supposed to list seven facts about myself - some random and some weird - then tag seven fellow bloggers by leaving comments on their blogs.

Some facts about me:

1.) I own all nine seasons of Seinfeld on dvd. For other tv series, I just have a random year here and there, but for Seinfeld, every single, solitary episode.

2.) I once worked for the Defense Department but I can't talk about it. (Just joking about the second part!)

3.) I've walked in the footsteps of Jesus, Moses and Muhammad, although not on the same day.

4.) I started writing to my pen pal in England in 1969, to earn a Girl Scout badge, and we're still writing to each other. Related fact: I was quite fond of wearing my Girl Scout uniform to school.

5.) When he was running for president, then-California Gov. Jerry Brown offered me some trail mix and I accepted because, what if he won? I wanted to be able to say that I shared trail mix with a future leader of the free world.

6.) I have a master's degree in applied linguistics from the University of Liverpool. My thesis is titled: "An analysis of the interaction between volunteer tutors and adult ESL students in the United States." Impressive, no?

7.) I'm extremely squeamish, but I wanted to achieve my goal of seeing every Kevin Spacey movie, so I watched only the last 20 minutes of Se7en - with my glasses off.

I'm tagging:

Vance, tv watcher, theatergoer and moviegoer extraordinaire, at Tapeworthy

Linz, who has great points about books, movies, music, tv and theatre, at Linz McC's Completely Pointless Blog

Amanda, newly published author and mom to three adorable little boys, at The Ramblings of a Hopeful Artist

Dale, a proud Canadian, at Passion of the Dale

Matt, a dancer who's gracefully moving into a career as a writer, editor and photographer, at Ranting Details

Stella Louise, a screenwriter whose amusing musings and random thoughts truly are Well Above Average

Dan, media critic, political pundit and the man who made me the Bruce Springsteen fan I am today, at Media Nation


Stella Louise said...

You know, I avoided seeing Se7en for many years due to my squeamishness and the fact I had no desire to see Gwyneth's head in a box.

Then I finally saw the movie and felt kind of short-changed that after all that, I didn't see Gwyneth's head in a box.


Dale said...

I think I watched Se7en just on the promise of seeing Gwyneth's head in a box.

That Jesus, always tracking sand around!

Interesting facts, I'll try and drum up a few about me Esther!

Amanda said...

I like #4. That's really cool that you've still got that relationship going.

My 7 are up!

Sarah B. Roberts said...

A masters in applied linguistics? That's something!

Esther said...

Thanks, everyone. I think the last 20 minutes of Se7en was enough for me. Good to know I didn't miss seeing Gwyneth's head in a box!

Amanda, there have been years when I've been more or less in touch with my pen pal, but we still write, and I've been to England to visit her and her family three times. The first time was after I graduated from college - it was my first time out of the country, so it was pretty exciting.

Sarah, unfortunately, the master's degree has no application in my everyday life. It might have some if I wanted to teach, but I realized that I'm not cut out for that. But it sounds impressive, doesn't it?!