Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An epic acting opportunity

My acting experience consists of a drama class I took in middle school a long, long time ago and I probably won't be getting to New York City anytime in the next month. So sadly, I won't be auditioning for the Madshag Performance Group's staged reading of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

But Gabriel from Modern Fabulousity, one of the creative forces behind Madshag, has asked his fellow theatre bloggers to pass along the audition information in case any real actors out there want to give it a try. Who doesn't love a good epic! And this one, as Jon Stewart would say, is all about the Mess O' Potamia. (Although a much more ancient version.)

I had a terrific time meeting the very gracious ModFab during my last trip to New York and I love reading his insights into theatre, movies, television and politics. Plus, I'm all about supporting my fellow bloggers. So ModFab, I'm pleased to share my tens of readers with you! Click here for all the details.

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