Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun and games on Broadway

In preparation for my upcoming trips to New York I've been scouring Broadway show Web sites:

Coolest download: Virtual Zippo lighter app for your iPhone at Rock of Ages. (Because you can never be too ready for a power ballad.)

Dumbest game: "Shoot your boss," at 9 to 5. I know it fits with the plot and all but isn't it a tad in poor taste?

Best use of video: Vblog entries from the cast of Hair are fun. The Easter Bonnet competition featuring the cast of 33 Variations doesn't tell you much about the show but it's very witty. Shrek's 10-part online video series on bringing the musical to Broadway is the most interesting and provides reasons to keep coming back to the site.

Best marketing slogan playing off a line from a song: Hair - We got merch, brother!

Best e-cards: Shrek, with their funny takeoffs on other Broadway shows.

Most unfortunate video trend: Watching scenes from plays without the sound. You can see a montage from God of Carnage, you just can't hear the actors. Instead, they play some background music. What's the point? At least Exit the King gives you a few lines of dialog before the montage.

Best blog: It's hard to beat Jane Fonda at 33 Variations. Although, strangely, I couldn't find a link to it on the show's site.

But I wish the two queens from Mary Stuart had kept up their blogging. Here's a sample from Mary, Queen of Scots: "I am in rehearsals for my upcoming trial. I am training hard as I suspect it will all be physically hard to endure. I have discovered protein shakes and they are helping me."


Pam said...

You're going to NY!!!! YAY!!! Will this be another 6 shows in 5 days whirlwind tour or something short and sweet? Heavens, how are you ever going to pick what show to see? Keep us posted. Off topic here but I wanted to share this with you because I know you will understand. On Saturday, I won two tickets to Trinity for any show (except Christmas Carol) for next season! Can you hear me squealing? I knew you'd understand my excitement!

Esther said...

Hey Pam, I have three short trips planned and I will definitely keep everyone posted!

I'm an information junkie so I pretty much keep on top of what's on Broadway and off-Broadway. I check religiously, read message boards and reviews, including my fellow bloggers. So I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want to see, which is just about everything! The hard part is fitting it all in. ;-)

Wow, that's great that you won two tickets! I think Trinity Rep has some good shows planned for next season. Congratulations!

Pam said...

I love that you are an information junkie! Now I know just where to come for information on shows! How lucky that you have THREE trips to NY planned. I'm SO jealous. Can't wait to hear what shows you decide to see and what you think of them.

Thanks for your congrats on the Trinity tickets. There are at least 3 shows I want to see next season, so at least I will be able to see one. And since I was planning on paying to see at least one, now I can see TWO, right? Isn't that how it works? That's how it works out using "Pam Logic"!