Saturday, November 29, 2008

A noteworthy Boston blogger

Most hearty congratulations to my friend Dan Kennedy, whose blog Media Nation has been selected by The Boston Globe as one of 64 Web sites on Boston life that you should know.

It's some very well-deserved recognition. Dan writes with great insight about the press, local and national politics, technology, culture and other passions, which include Bob Dylan, the Red Sox and hiking in the mountains of New Hampshire.

The full list appears in this Sunday's Globe magazine. Here's what they said about Dan's blog:

Dan Kennedy's is required reading for any follower of local media. But the former media critic for the Boston Phoenix, who now teaches at Northeastern and writes for the British newspaper The Guardian, exercises the blogger's imperative to bloviate beyond his expertise, such as when he raised the prospect of a "nasty, brutish, and short postseason" for the Sox (not quite, but not bad either, Dan).

Just for the record - I've known Dan for a long time and he never, ever bloviates and certainly not beyond his expertise.


Dan Kennedy said...

Oh, sure I do ... bloviate, bloviate, bloviate. What made my laugh about the Red Sox swipe was that I was right! Many thanks for your kind item.

Esther said...

I think you should demand a correction!

Anyway, it's always exciting to see my friends do well. And thanks for all the advice and support you've given me.

paperback reader said...

A Boston blog mentioning the Red Sox? I don't believe it.

Esther said...

You can believe it, it's true! But Dan also writes equally well about many other topics.