Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rude, rude, rude

Ok, it's the first full day of my New York City adventure. It's a little brisk in the city - I'd forgotten how windy New York can be.

Last night I saw the new musical Billy Elliot, with Trent Kowalik in the title role, and I thought it was great. I'll provide a full review after I get back, but in my humble opinion, a hilarious Haydn Gwynne came pretty close to stealing the show as Mrs. Wilkinson, Billy's dance teacher.

Afterward, I had a wonderful stage-door experience meeting the cast, getting my picture taken with Ms. Gwynne. I even told Gregory Jbara, who plays Billy's coal miner father, that I'd once been in a British coal mine! (It's true, in Yorkshire, where an old mine has been turned into a museum and you can actually go down underground and see the whole thing.)

My only complaint was the couple in back of me who wouldn't stop talking once the show began. It wasn't a whisper, either. Their remarks were clearly audible - to me anyway. What did they think, I spent $126 on a ticket to hear their conversation? I didn't come to hear Elton John's music or the actors on stage?

At one point, I turned around and glared at the guy and told him to please be quiet, which pretty much shut him up. But why did I even have to do that? It doesn't take a genius IQ to realize that once the show starts, people in the audience should stop talking!

Tonight, Madama Butterfly at the Met - my first opera! But first, time to bundle up and go sightseeing.


Vance said...

OOH!! Have fun! Hopefully see you Friday!!! So bring sweaters huh?

But ARGH... I seriously think people need to swear upon going into theatres that they will shut up and behave. And usually its NOT the children or teenagers that are the worst offenders.

The middleaged couple beside me at A Chorus Line kept making commentaries and asking questions the whole time out loud. "Oh, he's a GAY!". That made me laugh though. The rest I could have done without.

Amanda said...

Madame Butterfly is a good one! My dad plays in the symphony in town, so he took us to operas all the time when we were kids, and while I didn't like many of them, I loved Madame Butterfly.

Linz McC said...

Irritating! At Boeing Boeing the lady next to me didn't turn off her phone and she let it ring until voicemail picked up. Not only was I annoyed, I was horrified because people were looking at me! What is wrong with people...

But anyway, Madame Butterfly is the only opera I have ever seen, but I really enjoyed it. I hope you do, too! Look forward to hearing what you think.

Vance said...

Yup, two more rings tonight at the Sound of Music even after huge big ugly signs at the doors to the theatre and then the loud announcement at the start of the show.

What IS wrong with people?