Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogging on the Rhode to Fitness

There's (almost) nothing I love more than introducing people to the joy of blogging, so I'm thrilled that my friend Kathy Garmus has taken the plunge. Please check out her blog, Rhode to Fitness.

A little bit about Kathy: She's a lifelong fitness and outdoor enthusiast (that's her at left, enjoying one of her favorite activities). And she's studying for the American Council on Exercise personal trainer certification. Here's how she describes Rhode to Fitness:

"I'd like to think that my biggest credential is that I'm 50 (soon to be 51), and feel great. I'm as active and strong as ever, and more open to all the possibilities that life has to offer. I think I can bring a unique perspective to the discussion of fitness. So I plan to be here most days, serving up what I hope will be some nutritious food for thought with a Rhode Island flavor and a side of humor and fun."

Kathy's blog comes at a great time for me, since I'm going back to New York City in a couple of weeks. Crossing all of those avenues and walking up the stairs from all of those subway stations requires a lot of stamina. And it's a lot more enjoyable if you're in shape.

So welcome to the blogosphere, Kathy!


Kathy Garmus said...

Thanks for all your advice and technical assistance, Esther — you rock. Now get to the gym!

Esther said...

You're welcome! And you've inspired me. I will get there this afternoon.