Sunday, April 12, 2009

The art of the Peep

Who doesn't love Peeps? So sugary, so marshmallow-y. And so versatile.

For your viewing pleasure, check out the top 40 entries in the Peeps diorama contest from The Washington Post and from the Chicago Tribune, the 15 finalists in the Peeps on Parade contest.

Lots of entries were inspired by current events, including octomom Nadya Suleman and her octopeeps and former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. ("Impeement!")

For theatre fans, the Washington Post finalists include Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Peep Street (No. 14); and Mary Peepins (No. 19).

This year, the winners of both competitions pay homage to classic American works of art. And happy Easter!


chris caggiano said...

Sorry, doll.

I detest Peeps. Always have.

But feel free to enjoy them yourself.

Mazel tov.


Esther said...

Thanks for the comment! Okay, I was being a little tongue-in-cheek there. I don't really eat them all that often. Honest. ;-)

But even if you detest them, the contest entries are pretty clever - especially the ones from Washington. Who knew there was so much artistic talent in our nation's capital?

Amanda said...

I love the Peeps contests. Jason found the one in Seattle a couple years ago and we've been following them ever since. I'd forgotten about it until this morning when I saw your post, though.

I don't actually eat the things, I just like to make things out of them.

Anonymous said...

omg. someone put peeps in a snuggie.