Monday, April 6, 2009

To Marvin Hamlisch, it's still 1956

According to this interview, award-winning composer Marvin Hamlisch is not big on the joys of modern technology:

“For me, it’s 1956. I don’t have an iPod; I don’t have a computer,” he said. “I’ve been listening to the same music for 30 years – West Side Story, Gypsy. Until something better comes along, I’m very happy listening to that.”

Well I can't argue with his taste in music but I wonder if he carries a turntable with him wherever he goes? Or a reel-to-reel recorder? Because the first cassette deck wasn't introduced until 1963 - much less the eight-track or CD player.

And the original Broadway production of West Side Story opened in 1957. Gypsy made its debut two years later. So he's at least stuck in 1959 - when he would have been 15.

Okay, maybe he was exaggerating slightly. Maybe he's really living in the mid-1960s.


Bob said...

Well, that's pretty limiting, Mr. Hamlish. I mean Sweeney Todd? Night Music? Light in the Piazza? WTF!

Esther said...

Yeah, I know. I guess that means he never listens to any of his own music either. ;-) And why do people take such pride in not using a computer?

Vance said...

It's the same argument I have against those that live on classic rock stations. it's not helping the creative community with innovating new things and furthering the arts for a future direction. And basically, they're just living in the history (even though they think they're "rocking" out and hip).

Esther said...

You know, I agree, Vance. Wouldn't it have been great if Mr. Hamlisch had given a shoutout to a more recent Broadway show. On the other hand, if that's way he truly feels, that there hasn't been anything worth listening to since "Gypsy" and "West Side Story," well I don't begrudge him his opinion.