Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meshugene Men

This very spot-on parody of Mad Men was done by the Shushan Channel to promote a Purim party at the 92Y Tribeca in New York City next Monday.

I think it's hilarious, although I admit it's probably funnier if you've seen the tv series. But even if you haven't, even if you're not Jewish, even if you don't know a mikvah from meshugene, would it kill you to watch?


karigee said...

Mayonnaise? Bacon? Amy Sedaris? What's not to love? (The intro music says it all.)

Esther said...

Yeah, I love it. "I wouldn't use that stuff to spackle a mikveh!" And I love how they've captured the essence of advertising: we're not selling a product, we're selling an idea.